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| Hideki Matsumoto-EH| by snickIett | Hideki Matsumoto-EH| by snickIett
Full Name- Hideki Matsumoto

Nicknames-Hide , Mat , Moto 


Date of Birth-July , 7th , 1995

Height- 6'2


French 85%
English 100%
Spanish 95%

S.O- Bi

Pokemon- Luxray

(For students)Dorm-Flamara

Likes- Helping others, play instruments ((Flute and Guitar )), Teasing others, Spring ,

Dislikes-Annoying loud, braggy girls, Being around people he doesn't like, Winter , Being in a large crowd of people.

Gentleman: Although he has many dislikes and flaws, he never fails to show his charming and gentleman-like personality. Always letting you go first, he doesn't fail in succeeding to capture someone's attention.
Calm: Calm, cool, and collective, he pulls off this whole personality jumble by acting stabilized and natural in any situations. He isn't one of those people who panick at an emergancy, as he thinks things through and decides staying calm is best, rather then panicking. Hideki will most certaintly never get mad, or snap.
Loyal: Always being there for his friends back is one of his number 1 priorities. He isn't one of those kinds of people who'd leave you in a ditch, instead, he'd be one of those people pulling you back up onto your feet. Hideki is someone you can trust, as he will never spill out a secret.
Good Sport: He is not one to complain over a small loss, or a big loss. He will certaintly feel a bit annoyed, but will not show. Instead, he'll say kind things instead of harsh insults. Good sportmanship is always a good thing.

He can be flirty but he doesn't go to far with it.
He can be talkative most of the times but he will give you a chance to talk as he listens to you talk about something.Interesting or not he is a good listener.

History-Hieki once lived in a small town with a loving family.A mother,Father,two little sisters and he is the oldest sibling.There isn't much history but the sisters were twins but when he reached to the age of 10 knowing that his mother was pregnant with two children ,They were born.Both of them were named Latca and Maurine.But as a few months passed by, his mother had cancer and passed away when it was Christmas morning.When he turned 13 his Father was coming home, drunk but he gotten into a car crash on a rainy day.Hieki couldn't believe he lost two of his parents but the only people he has is his two little sisiters but then when he was 15 two of his sisters died because of a horrible sickness when they were only 8 years old.He held them both close crying and praying hoping this isn't happening.The sisters were dead.As Hieki turned 18 memories still come to him but he doesn't show that he is depressed and upset of his loss.He decided to goto a high school called Eeveelution-High.He thought it would be best if this school could make him forget and make friends.
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